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    4 Brand Development Strategies That You Can Implement To Increase The Efficacy of PPC Campaigns & Media Buying

    Here are 4 brand development strategies that can and will increase conversions in your PPC & Media Buying campaigns. When you’re developing a brand, there are many strategies that you can approach.

    #1) Analyze your data, and make data driven decisions.

    When you’re considering an implementation, it’s good to consider your data first. We often see many idea’s flying across the companies “idea-stream” yet the challenge we often face as media buyers, the idea’s that some think are brilliant are not backed by sound data. Idea’s that are not pontificated based on real world data. This can cause more harm to a business than it can benefit.

    #2) Increasing customer retention, and lifetime value.

    We often see companies focusing on MORE leads, MORE sales calls, and MORE features. The opposite should be the focus when it comes to brand development. Considering that it is more profitable to KEEP a customer, and sell them more, than it is to increase our volume of overall customers. The most difficult, and often avoided topic of conversation due to it being “difficult” work, is asking… “How do we increase customer lifetime value, and how do we improve our product or services?”

    You’ll be surprised, that this can be achieved by talking to your existing customers, and asking them your pitfalls, and how you can then served them better. Brand surveys work great, and getting real world feedback is key.

    #3) Increasing proof, and credibility on marketing materials.

    If you have been in the industry for 20+ years, or however long…your future customers need to know it. There are many ways to position a brand, however if you want a “quick-win” strategy, figuring out how you can increase your credibility in your marketing collateral or your sales material will go along way. Another area to consider is your after initial engagement investigation the customer will go on. Once people come across your funnels, they generally pop you into google. They do some background checking before they buy from you. Asking for testimonials is often overlooked, or veered away from. It’s one of the simplest things you can do, so other people know that they can trust you with their hard earned money too.

    #4) Congruence in branding, and across various channels

    When you’re advertising, or running a media buying campaign, ensure that your materials and pages are congruent. You really want to create the effect of “I’m in the right place!”. The moment a potential customer is confused, or feels like your pages or materials are incongruent, they head out the door. A company that focuses on congruence, and consistency will always outcompete the company that has marketing materials that are all over the place. This really comes down to wiring in your brand strategy and your brand identity. The brand strategy drives the promotional teams and in house creatives. Creating less confusion upon the end product that a user is seeing visually.


    There are no simple strategies that will create an “ace-in-the-hole” seamless experience for future customers and clients. Working on your brand development and your overall brand strategy will create a sense of ease across all of your teams, and your platforms.

    If you found this helpful, click to share so you can help out a friend.

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