Brand Positioning

Build a strong position, and everything gets easier...

What is Brand Positioning?

Brand positioning gives you the ability to acquire more market share, be at the top of your market as a leader, command more from your industry in regards to respect, notoriety and ultimately giving you more leverage so you can constantly profit year after year, with overall lower costs compared to the competition.

Why? Because you’re positioned and you took the time to care about your perception to the market at hand.

When you first meet someone, you make a first impression within 1/10th of a second. You make an instand judgment if you trust someone or not. In regards your website it takes about 50 milliseconds (.05 seconds) for someone to form an opinion about your company. (SOURCE)


Have you ever bought a product or service without even considering what the cost of the product is? Me too. That’s positioning. It is VERY clear in your mind's eye that no other competitor can out-compete your desired choice.

Companies that are well positioned never compete on price, they compete on quality and highlighting a unique mechanism that runs the business or creates the customers desired “outcome”.

How Do You Create a Brand Position?

It's not easy.

Taking into consideration your market, your avatar, your colors, your font palette, your platform choice, your authority content and much much more, it can be overwhelming to assemlbe everything in an organized fashion.

Choosing specific areas that your company or business accelerates in and highlighting that and ensuring it’s UNIQUE to the market that you serve. Then HIGHLIGHTING that specifically in your messaging, your marketing and any of your communications over a period of time, will build you a strong a brand position. Consistency is key.


If your competition is grinding you down and driving your cost of doing business up, it’s time to consider strengthening your positioning in the market. If not, you could be competing on price for a VERY long time, and that can get exhausting.

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