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    Brand Story Consult And A Framework You Can Follow

    Alright, so you’re writing your brand story, and you’re looking for a consult to see if you’re going in the right direction. Writing your brand story without having a round table, or a focus group is extremely difficult.

    Story Telling is one of the oldest human traditions, and inside this article we are going to first highlight Freytag’s Pyramid. This is a 5-step story writing formula.

    You can follow this the Freytags Pyramid Story Arc, but it’s also confusing if you’ve never written a brand story. Here’s a simplified outline, aligning it with Freytags Pyramid. Generally, every story needs a main character, so we need to write this story as either the founder’s story, or a character that is similar to the ideal customer.

    I’m going to give you an outline we sometimes use for our clients, keep in mind there are many ways to write a story, and many elements that can influence the story at hand.

    Brand Story Outline

    Step 1: EXPOSITION → Origination Story
    Where did the company begin? Humble beginnings. Go into detail where you started, people care about where you’ve come from and generally care about your history.

    Step 2: EXPOSITION → Challenges / Roadblock
    Where did your origination story lead to a wall or roadblock? This set’s up the foundations for your Ah-HA! moments.

    Step 3: RISING ACTION → Internal & External Struggle & Challenges
    What struggle / challenges did you face, internally and externally.

    Step 4: CLIMAX →  Highlight Breakthrough
    Aha-moments, what breakthrough new insights did you gain from going through your challenge?

    Step 5: CLIMAX → The Plan
    Go into detail the plan you made to overcome the challenges as a company. What were the next steps you knew you needed to take?

    Step 7: FALLING ACTION → What if you fail, what then?
    Highlight what would happen if you failed, fears, frustrations etc.

    Step 6: FALLING ACTION → Breakthrough Actions
    Upon having your breakthrough, what plan actions did you take upon the epiphany, what next steps were required?

    Step 8: RESOLUTION → Results You Received
    Outline the result you received from taking said actions, highlighting the similar results to what your audience wants to achieve.

    Step 9: Tell reader what to do, call to action.
    At this point in the story, you can instruct your reader what to do next.


    Remember that this outline is adaptable, like any creative strategy. The important part is that you follow a formula, so you get an outcome that you desire. Generally there are tested outlines and formulas that you can use. If you’d like a brand story consult, hit the apply button below.

    If you found this helpful, click to share so you can help out a friend.

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