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    Legacy Media Partners – Brand Vs Non Branded PPC

    Why Would You Want A Brand Vs Non Branded PPC Campaign Anyways?

    Have you ever looked at an advertisement or a piece of ad creative, and you can tell that the person that worked on it ABSOLUTELY cares about you? I have.

    When a PPC campaign is not branded you can sense it was produced only to bring an ROI. Markets are over loaded with garbage and noise. When you spend time branding your campaign in a congruent and concise manner and an individual clicks through your ad and lands on your landing page or ad creative they have a sense of…

    “I will be taken care of if I use this…”

    We refer to this as putting in your BrandHours, pre-selling automatically done for you.

    Here’s Important Information About Branding

    Did you know that Less than 10% of B2B companies in a Lucidpress Study state that they’re consistent across all marketing channels. (SOURCE)

    When you’re running a PPC campaign you have a very limited amount of time to build trust. When someone views your campaign for the first time, you have approximately .05 seconds to make a good first impression. (SOURCE)

    What is the difference between Brand vs Non Branded PPC? Think about it like this.

    The internet is so noisy and so cluttered with your competition and cat videos, that when you spend time on brand development of your PPC campaigns the clients and customers can tell you’ve put in the work.

    It’s a “FEELING” you get.

    NOTE: When someone steals an idea and borrows other companies’ successful advertising campaigns, and they don’t know “why” it works, that could be a major red flag for long term scalability.

    Cheap tricks don’t scale well.

    How You Can Implement a Branded PPC Campaign

    What really goes into building a brand? A lot of forethought. When a company spends time on branding they really actually get to know their customer Avatar.

    Targeting & Research

    #1) Know your customer, do deep data driven research, what worked in the past, and who is our most profitable TYPE of customer we want to target?

    #2) Make sure you are bidding on your own brand name when doing Google Search campaigns, as it is very cost effective. Your competition can bid on your name and appear above you in Branded PPC Search Results if you do not.

    Brand Development

    #1) Keep congruence, from every touch point of your campaign.
    #2) Consider your colours, font palettes, and your imagery.
    #3) Consider page speed, load time, and ease of entering information for the potential prospect. Reduction of landing page friction.
    #4) Sequencing of a PPC campaign:
    AD -> Landing Page & Capture -> Conversion Page -> Sales Process

    Make sure each touch point is relatable to the next, make sure the client feels that after they’ve clicked the ad, that they are in the “right place.”

    Knowing the inner psychological motivations of your clients long before they even enter your business.

    Smart people + Great technology = Insanely effective Advertising


    I’ll leave you with this. If you bring in a load of new leads and none of them convert into a long term customer, what is the point in even acquiring them? To the point, a Branded PPC campaign is increasing your brand positioning, sales, and increasing overall Lifetime Value (LTV) of customers that enter your world. Strong foundations are critical to long term success and scalability, a house built on a sand foundation will eventually crumble and implode on itself.

    If you found this helpful, click to share so you can help out a friend.

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