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    Creative Department Structure

    When it comes to buying media and PPC campaigns, understanding your creative department structure is key. Especially as your teams scale. You will realize you need to add, remove and replace various team members and talent along the way.

    Below is an example structure so you can understand how teams evolve with heavy advertising spend, and the responsibilities required for large media purchases. This list is not exact, but gives you an example and a flow of the talent required to execute effective campaigns.

    Driving Results, Leadership & Goals

    CEO -> COO

    The CEO generally leads the vision, and big picture thinking.

    The COO keeps the day to day operations running. They coordinate with the CMO on what creative direction needs to be taken to achieve goals and to drive results.

    Example Structure Of A Creative Department

    CMO -> Creative Director -> Brand Manager

    The CMO then works with the Creative Director, and the Brand Manager reports to the Creative Director. The Brand Manager then flows the responsibilities and strategies down to the marketing manager.

    Marketing Manager -> Head Of Advertising -> Media Buyer -> Media Assistant -> Copywriter & Copy Chief -> Video Production / Editor -> Web Development -> Graphic Design 

    Marketing Managers work with the Heads of Advertising to formulate strategy in regards to Keyword targeting, audience targeting and campaign structure. Identifying what pieces of marketing will work, and what won’t work based on experience, and analyzing past data.

    The Media Buyers then purchase the media, and monitor the data. Your Media Assistant is the right hand to the media buyer, and allows the media buyer to hand off simple edits, and campaign adjustments so the Media Buyer can focus on the tasks at hand that move the marketing needles forward.

    Media Assistant’s then coordinate with the Copywriters, and a Copy Chief oversee’s all of the copy and suggestions to improve campaign efficacy.

    The Copywriters provide scripts, and ads to video production teams to produce either video assets, or creative assets depending what is needed for the result of a campaign. The same is true for graphic designers, and web developers. Some campaigns you will find are video heavy that drive the biggest results, and some will be text based, it really depends on what strategies you are approaching.


    There is no one size fits all solution for a creative department. The most important thing is that it is tied into your company goals, and what you are working towards. If you would like help structuring your team or buying your media, hit the apply now button below.

    If you found this helpful, click to share so you can help out a friend.

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