Public Relations

You'll be surprised what a PR strategy can do for you...

What is Public Relations Anyways?

Public Relations influences how the public perceives your company, due to communications that are published into various channels and mediums that your market is watching and consuming.

The first Public Relations department was established in 1889 by Westinghouse Electric Corporation. The first department was created to push George Westinghouse's Pet Project AC Power (Alternating Current) into the public marketplace.

Public Relations

Extreme Detail Goes Into Public Relations

Now, an extreme amount of detail goes into a proper longt term PR strategy. You have to pre-think and strategize your future direction and have a comprehensive plan laid out. This can be very expensive to implement but even more expensive to get wrong.

Below is a sample what you get when you choose to engage with us, to give you an example of the comprehensive work that goes into beggining, preparing and launching a successful campaign.

  • Long Term PR & Media Strategy (1-2 years)
  • PR Tracking System
  • Editorial Strategy & Story Creation
  • Announcements & Company Wide Moves
  • Timeline PR
  • Proactive Influence Media
  • Reactive Reputation Media
  • Corporate Messaging Guide
  • Company Wide Communications Planning
  • Organic & Authority Backlink Outreach
  • Top Of Your Industry “Leadership” Content
  • Media Briefing for Spokespeople
  • Press Kit Creation & Delivery
  • Influencer Identification & Partnerships
  • Podcast Tours
  • Radio Advertisements & Broadcasts
  • Influence Media Placement
  • Noteworthy Speaking Opportunities
  • Award Submissions & Outreach
  • Custom Result Driven Campaigns


If you run into public perception issues, and you don’t want to work with a PR expert you could make fatal business mistakes due to less-than-strategic excessive communications. These communications could come back to haunt you if not planned properly.

If you'd like to work together, head on over to and fill out our application. We only take on a handful of clients per year.