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    Tik Tok Advertisements

    Tik Tok advertisements are short video clips that are used to promote a product or service. These videos are typically between 15 and 30 seconds in length, and they often feature music or sound effects. These can be used to target specific audiences, and they can be used to increase brand awareness or to drive conversions and sales.

    Why Tik Tok Advertisements?

    In 2022, TikTok is one of the top social media platforms. Surprisingly, its under-utilized by most advertising agencies, as they don’t know how to operate the platform in full detail.

    The truth is, it is almost the same as any other advertising platform. Here are two specific question to ask yourself when choosing to use TikTok as a media buying platform.

    “Does your audience hang out on TikTok?”

    “Is this going to contribute to our long term strategy?”

    For example, here are some numbers to consider.

    TikTok has over 1.5 billion monthly active users in the third quarter of 2022.

    For reference – active users of other social platforms: Facebook – 2.9B, YouTube – 2.2B, Instagram – 1.4B, TikTok – 1.5B, Snapchat – 500M, Pinterest – 480M, Twitter – 300M. (SOURCE)

    A handful of reasons to consider Tik Tok Advertisements

    • The first thing to remember is the platform is in its infancy in regards to being an advertising platform. If you are to integrate it into your overall media buying strategy, and it yields results, you will obtain a competitive advantage over your competition.

    • Currently, the cost for advertising is incredibly cost effective. Comparative to other advertising platforms, your CPM, CPA and CAC cost will be incredibly low.

    • Another key point, although TikTok doesn’t gather data as effectively as Facebook, Google or other ad platforms, it rewards creativity. Your success in advertising on TikTok can purely be attributed to ad creatives, and less about the ad manager. Most platforms will be moving away to heavy data aggregation and reporting, and most of your tracking should be internal moving into 2022 as cookie tracking will eventually be eliminated.

    • Another point to consider, GenZ and Millenial access. By 2030, it is estimated that 75% of the global workforce will be millennials.  Collectively they spend $600 billion annually in the US alone. As Facebook, and Instagram are beginning to lose monthly users, TikTok has maintained the ability to keep people on their platform.


    To conclude, Tik Tok Advertisements will not be for everyone. As stated above, long term it will be an important platform to keep an eye in regards to your media buying strategy. You can implement a test budget, and analyze how it performs.

    We never suggest dedicating an entire budget to one single platform.

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    If you found this helpful, click to share so you can help out a friend.

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