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    What To Look For In A PPC Agency

    When you’re hiring, these are key elements I would look for in a PPC Agency. Keeping a campaign at scale is one of the most difficult tasks in Media. If a campaign is executed improperly it could be a giant money bonfire. Money goes poof, wasted time, energy and company morale. Branding your company in the wrong direction.

    We work with internal teams, to create scale. Not just from a PPC perspective, but from a business development and brand management perspective too.

    It’s About Lifetime Value, Not Just Acquisition

    What To Look For In A PPC Agency

    Google estimates that for every $1 a business spends on Google Ads, they receive $8 in profit through Google Search and Ads. (SOURCE)

    A good ROI from an initial contact perspective.

    What do we focus on at Legacy Media Partners? Not just your ROI from your PPC campaign, but the Lifetime Value of the prospective customer and the campaign itself.

    In our eye’s, it’s not only about how much it costs to acquire a customer, it’s really about how much it costs to KEEP a customer, and how we can keep them for a very long time, and sell them more products or services and build an ongoing relationship.

    Jay Abraham talks about this in his business growth training.

    There Are 3 ways to Grow an Organization

    #1) Increase the amount of customers you acquire
    #2) Increase the number of repeat buys from that customer
    #3) Increase the overall transaction value per buy

    Now, when scaling a PPC campaign? #4 is critical.

    #4) Reduce the average CAC cost (Customer Acquisition Cost) so you can therefore scale the campaign. Even if you acquire a load of customers, and it costs you MORE to acquire them than the campaign itself, it can be a dead campaign.

    How To Know If Your PPC Agency Knows What They Are Talking About And What To Look For

    We have a very unique approach, because we spend large media budgets, this is what to look for in a PPC Agency.

    #1) Create a self-fulfilling PPC campaign that generates consistent profit, so you can understand your CAC and CPA(Cost Per Acquisition).

    #2) Use conversion rate optimization strategies across the entire company’s “digital” infrastructure, not just the PPC campaign itself.

    #3) Work on overall brand strategy, brand positioning and brand story so that your long term communications are consistent, increasing retention.

    #4) Develop your SEO strategy, content strategy, and public relations strategy.

    #5) Identify talent gaps, and recognize which individuals & internal teams struggle the most with campaign and business scale, either train the talent that is struggling, or find new talent to fill the voids.

    Hiring The Wrong PPC Company Could Be Disastrous

    If a PPC agency is promising you results that sound unbelievable, they usually are. Run away! There is nothing worse than outsourcing your entire advertising suite, and 6-12 to 18 months later having to hire yet an additional agency to come in to fix everything.

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